[Snowball-discuss] Website

From: Richard Boulton (richard@tartarus.org)
Date: Thu Oct 25 2001 - 02:19:41 BST

I've made a few fixes to the website, including moving start.html into
the top level directory and calling it index_body.html, unlinking the
Documentation page, and improving the robustness of the demo.

I've not got time to do much more right at the moment. But here are
some things which I think should be done eventually.

It would be good to sort out the navigation to make it more consistent:
we currently have the cyan menu at the left hand side, and a list of
links in the body: I think that we should eventually have just one of
these (and I'd tend to think this should be just the menu). Of course,
we can still have hyperlinks in the text of each page: just no "table of
contents". We might want to keep a list of a few links which are
related to the document: I've not really thought about this much.

Also, there should be tarballs for each of the languages available for
download, and probably a single large tarball containing everything too.

Ideally, tarballs shuoldn't be kept in CVS, since they're files which
are generated from other things in CVS (ie, the source files).
When I've got a proper build system in place, it will simply be a case
of running "make tarball", and a tarball will be generated: at this
point I'll fix up the website generation system so that it generates new
tarballs whenever something in the source of a tarball changes.


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