[Snowball-discuss] ISO files and other things

From: Martin Porter (martin_porter@softhome.net)
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 11:48:52 GMT

more points from Vineet Gupta
>2. The program driver.c crashed when it encountered a long word in stemfile
>and had to allocate more memory. I looked at the code and it seemed OK, but
>I replaced it with the following, and it worked:
> if (i == lim)
> { b = (char *) realloc(b, lim + INC);
> lim = lim + INC;
> }

I can only assume that my malloc failed for lack of space while your realloc
succeeded. In Snowball I have not bothered to check that mallocs actually
deliver their space: the total space requirements of the whole system is
very small - but that may be unwise. Of course driver.c is just a demo
program so it does not matter too much.

>A question: Do the variables B_SIZE, S_SIZE and I_SIZE ever change after
>being set initially in SN_create_env?

No, they are constant.

- - -

Vineet assures me I am using MS DOS Latin 1 when I say I am using ISO Latin
1. I am tempted to replace references to ISO Latin with references to MS DOS
Latin in the documentation, rather than alter all the scripts and datasets.

Of course the plan is to have files of declarations for all the common code
sets, and then use

get '/home/me/snowball/ISO-Latin-1'

or whatever in the Snowball scripts, but we have not quite got that far. A
review of the unicode issue seems a good time at which to tackle it.

- Thanks are due to Vineet for his help,


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