[Snowball-discuss] New Snowball release

From: Martin Porter (martin_porter@softhome.net)
Date: Wed Mar 06 2002 - 21:37:51 GMT

Having, with Richard Boulton's and James Aylett's help, sorted out a final
outstanding problem, there is now a new release of Snowball, which does the

- generates 8 bit/16 bit character alternatives, hence giving Unicode support

- provides character definitions for different code pages in a directory of

- integrates Richard's Java and Martin's ANSI C codegenerators to make
similar use of Richard's space manager.

Everything is documented except for some details of Java generation, which
Richard will shortly fill in.

I'm aware of messages about PHP and Perl work which I should repond to. Give
me a bit more time there. (And thanks for the contributions.)


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