[Snowball-discuss] Re: About russian stemmer

From: Martin Porter (martin_porter@softhome.net)
Date: Sat Aug 03 2002 - 09:22:40 BST


You are right! Some links are missing. I wonder how that can have happened
... I will restore the links and make sure you can download tarball.tgz.

I'll try and do it today (I need to use another machine)

More later -


At 01:28 AM 8/3/02 +0400, Andrey Brindeew wrote:
>Hi, Martin!
>Some links on the following page are broken:
>I'm very want to get file 'tarball.tgz' from this page.
>Can you mail this file to me?
>WBR, Andrey Brindeew.
>"No one person can understand Perl culture completely"
>(C) Larry Wall.
>Attachment Converted: C:\EUDORA\ATTACH\Aboutrus

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