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From: Reetz, Wendy (
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 13:38:01 BST


Thanks for the info. I'll take the 'b' out of my list. :-) I'm about to
do the exceptions, I love this algorithm, very cool! The only other
thing I noticed different was there was no 'OU' stripping in the 4th
step any longer. Was that intentional?


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You have spotted an error! 'b' should not be in the valid_LI list, and I
have now removed it. (See the updated page on the snowball website.)

This does not affect the working of the Snowball program however: the
'among' expression goes for the longest string, so 'bli' was overriding
when 'li' was preceded a 'b'. In other word, 'b' in the valid-LI list

Thank you for your help,


At 02:28 PM 10/3/02 -0400, Reetz, Wendy wrote:
>I just finished implementing the porter stemmer in PHP, then discovered
>porter2. So, I'm upgrading. :-)
>On step 2, though, you have added ' bli --> ble ' as well as 'li
>preceded by 'b' --> remove li '
>so, for words ending in 'bli' which is more correct? removing the li or
>change the i to e?
>I know you say to take the longest first, but is that the intended
>action on 'bli' vs. 'li' preceded by a b?

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