[Snowball-discuss] Re: Question

From: Martin Porter (martin_porter@softhome.net)
Date: Fri Oct 11 2002 - 17:40:02 BST

Lemma Lessa,

Hello. The ANSI C version of the algorithm should compile on any system, as
it is quite simply written. If you send me the messages produced by Turbo C
I may be able to help.

You should also look at http://snowball.tartarus.org - it may give you some
further ideas.

Work has been done on stemming in Amharic, which I understand is a language
of Ethiopia. See

Alemayehu, N. & Willett, P. "Stemming of Amharic words for information
retrieval." Literary and Linguistic Computing, submitted for publication.

mentioned on the web page


Martin Porter

At 01:12 AM 10/11/02 -0700, lemma lessa wrote:
>Dear sir,
>I am student of Master of science degree in information science at Addis
Ababa University, Ethiopia. I am planning to do my project on developing
stemming algorithm for one of the local languages in Ethiopia. To that end,
I am reviewing commonly known algorithms of stemming. Of these stemmers, the
main one is Porter stemmer. Now, what I would like to ask you is that I have
got the ANSI C code of the algorithm from Internet but I was unable to run
it in Turbo C compiler. So, what would you advise me to have C code of
porter algorithm.
>Yours truly,
>Lemma Lessa

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