[Snowball-discuss] Re: Portuguese Porter Stemming Algorithm

From: Martin Porter (martin.porter@grapeshot.co.uk)
Date: Mon Jan 26 2004 - 08:53:01 GMT

Yes, go to the Snowball site at


and look at the Portuguese page, and the "how to run it" page for details
about getting the Java version going. If you have difficulties you may need
to consult Richard Boulton, who wrote the Java codegenerator.


At 16:40 25/01/2004 -0300, Grinaldo Lopes de Oliveira wrote:
>Dear Mr. Porter,
>I look for a portuguese version of Porter Algorithm written in Java.
>I am brazilian and I am working with bayessian filters. I need a source code
>in Java of your algorithm to my language (portuguese).
>Do you know something about it? if yes, I thank you a lot.
>Best regards,

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