[Snowball-discuss] Problems with -Wall flag

From: Neal Richter (nealr@rightnow.com)
Date: Tue Feb 24 2004 - 23:21:02 GMT

Hi all,

Thanks for all your work on Snowball!


The C code produced by Snowball won't compile with these flags:
"-Wall -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Werror"

(We use these as part of a coding standard enforcement)

-Wall seems to be the culprit... and -Werror compounds the issue:

I would suggest these changes:

runtime/api.c ---- Fixes undefined calloc/free
Line 1: #include <stdlib.h>

compiler/space.c ---- Fixes "int format, pointer arg" warning
Line 58: if (DEBUG) printf("<-- %d\n", (unsigned int)p);
Line 69: if (DEBUG) printf("--> %d\n", (unsigned int)p);
Line 75: if (DEBUG) printf("%d --> %d\n", (unsigned int)p, (unsigned int)q);

compiler/analyser.c --- Fixes undefined 'exit'
Line 1: #include <stdlib.h>

compiler/generator.c -- Fixes undefined strlen
Line 1: #include <string.h>

compiler/driver.c -- Fixes undefined strlen
Line 1: #include <string.h>

libstemmer/libstemmer.c -- Undefined strcmp & malloc
Line 1 #include <stdlib.h>
Line 2 #include <string.h>

examples/stemwords.c +149 -- "warning: too few arguments for format"
fprintf(stderr, "language `%s' not available for stemming\n", "english");

I also get these errors in the C code generated:

src_c/stem_english.c: In function `r_prelude':
src_c/stem_english.c:376: warning: label `lab1' defined but not used

src_c/stem_finnish.c: In function `r_case':
src_c/stem_finnish.c:448: warning: unused variable `m'

src_c/stem_french.c: In function `french_stem':
src_c/stem_french.c:951: warning: unused variable `m'

src_c/stem_porter.c: In function `porter_stem':
src_c/stem_porter.c:514: warning: label `lab1' defined but not used

A stupid fix for 'unused variable m' would be:

143 "int m = 0; m = z->l - z->c;");

It's easy enough to change these files.... just thought you might want to

Thanks for your hard work on the Snowball suite!

Neal Richter
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