[Snowball-discuss] Support for Python; and a MS (VC6) build

From: Michael Kennett (mike@gateway.laurasia.com.au)
Date: Thu Dec 01 2005 - 06:38:34 GMT


I've written a small Python wrapper for the snowball stemmers, and also
configured the build scripts for the snowball compiler et al. for
Microsoft Visual Studio (v.6). I'm happy to contribute this back to you
(without any licensing restrictions).

The sources I've worked from are revision 352 of svn://snowball.tartarus.org/
that were slurped earlier today. I've not modified any of the original
sources, and have placed the VC6 build gumpff under the directory:

I've not placed the python module under the snowball/ directory hierarchy,
but am happy to do so if you want that.

Look forward to your response,


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