[Snowball-discuss] Tardy response to submissions to Snowball

From: Martin Porter (martin.porter@grapeshot.co.uk)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 10:43:05 BST

I am sending this general email as a kind of apology, for having done
nothing so far on the following generously sent Snowball submissions:

7 June, from E. Glockner: a Romanian stemmer
8 June, from A. Tordai: a Hungarian stemmer

and this morning another Romanian stemmer arrived,

31 July, from I. Tirdea, a Romanian stemmer

After the first submission I promised to look at it "next week", so Mr
Glockner has probably been wondering what has happened. In fact I have been
tied up in software development, taking a holiday, and suffering from the
heat wave. The software work is still not complete, but I will make a point
of looking at these submissions this week,

More soon,


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