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Richard Boulton has put together some new Python bindings for snowball, which he will be maintaining along with snowball itself. These are inspired by Andreas Jung's initial implementation of PyStemmer from 2001, but have a different interface.

The latest version is PyStemmer version 1.3.0.

Teodor Sigaev and Oleg Bartunov of the OpenFTS project at
have developed a perl interface to the Snowball stemmers. It is written using C and provides OO and plain interfaces. Download from the above tarball. Comments and queries should be directed to Teodor and Oleg.

There is a new Perl wrapper (2006) from Marvin Humphrey of Rectangular Research. See
A PHP interface has been developed by the enigmatic Dark Panda (real name J Smith), and is downloadable from

A reimplementation of the snowball stemming algorithms in C++.
C++ stemmers