Re: [Snowball-discuss] The Norwegian stemmer algorithm

From: Martin Porter (
Date: Thu Nov 29 2001 - 08:30:17 GMT


>But as far as I can tell, this algorithm already takes a lot of nynorsk,
>because -ar, -ande, -ast, -ane, -eleg, -eig and -leg is not "bokmål" but

I developed the algorithm with a particular vocabulary which I put together
myself by downloads from the Web. I had assumed that the texts were entirely
bokmal Norwegian, but I must have been in error here. I am quite willing to
redo the work if you can guide me to texts in nynorsk and bokmal separately
- you need about 4-5 megabytes of a language as a sample, and the texts
should be as plain as possible as far as mark-up goes, and representative of
the contemporary language. If on the other hand the simple Norwegian stemmer
I've presented works equally on bokmal and nynorsk so much the better. I
suppose in setting up IR systems of Norwegian text it must be an
inconvenience needing to separate the two dialects.


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