Re: [Snowball-discuss] Python bindings for Snowball

From: Richard Boulton (
Date: Sat Dec 15 2001 - 22:35:00 GMT

On Sat, 2001-12-15 at 20:40, Andreas Jung wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I found Snowball so cool that I have written Python bindings for Snowball
> - with support for all nine Snowball stemmers !
I count twelve stemmers now...

> I will release the bindings soon on Sourceforge. If anyone is interested
> in a pre-release, let me know.

Excellent! I've just done a bit of work on making a simple and
consistent interface for C: consisting of three functions:

struct sb_stemmer *
sb_stemmer_create(const char * language);

sb_stemmer_release(struct sb_stemmer * stemmer);

const char *
sb_stemmer_stem(struct sb_stemmer * stemmer,
                const char * word, int size);

(This code is in the libstemmer directory in the CVS - the Makefile
needs tweaking so that it compiles the code as a library, but other than
that the work is done.)

I'd like to collaborate, to ensure that the bindings for all languages
are as consistent as possible. Definitely interested in a pre-release.

I'd also like to try and keep all snowball related material easy to find
- so ideally I'd like to see the bindings being added to the website.
I'd be very happy to help set this up.


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