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From: Teodor Sigaev (
Date: Fri Feb 15 2002 - 18:43:29 GMT


>>>>Andreas, having a chance to ask Zope core developer, I'd like to know
>>>>where to get more info about fulltext you developed ?
>>>>Did you look on our fulltext search for PostgreSQL ?
>>>>( It's specially designed for dynamic
> content.
>>>quote: "Currently, OpenFTS is implemented as a collection of
> PERL-scripts."
>>>I don't regard that as an scalable solution :-)
>>Hmm, it should be corrected :-)
>>OpenFTS is based on special data type implemented in PostgreSQL
>>using C. Perl and Tcl are used as a glue languages for external
> interfaces.
>>Actually, OpenFTS utilize GiST (Generalised Search Tree) available in
>>PostgreSQL (we maintain this pice of code). It's extremely fast for
>>small and medium size collections.
> How large do you define "medium size". Let's say, I have 3 GB of text.
> Can GiST handle that ?
> Andreas

Sorry, we never measure text for indexing in bytes :). We measure number
of parts (piece) of text, such as mail message etc. Our test base
contains ~500000 mail messages from PostgrSQL, Perl, Mason and Linux
mailing lists and works fine.

BTW It seems to me this thread is offtopic here. Let's move our
discussion to openfts mailing list :)

Teodor Sigaev

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