[Snowball-discuss] Snowball progress

From: Martin Porter (martin_porter@softhome.net)
Date: Tue Feb 19 2002 - 10:14:41 GMT

I apologise, with Richard Boulton, for the slow response some of you are
getting to your postings, but we are currently rather busy with other work.
Nevertheless Snowball will continue to develop and make use of your

I have altered Richard's Java codegenerator slightly so that it uses the
same space handling mechanism as the rest of the Snowball compiler. Two
modules have thereby disappeared and the result is a lot cleaner.

The Java work is not as yet properly documented, or placed on the website so
that it can be easily distributed. This is the next thing to address. We
will also find a placing for the Perl bindings contribution from Oleg Bartunov.

I want to look again at the issue of providing Unicode support - obviously
desirable now we have Java stemmers. I'll do that over the next few weeks I

Martin Porter

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