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Take a look at affix compression as used by ispell and MySpell. You can find
information about ispell and MySpell at
l Ispell</a> and <a
ffice Lingucomponent Sub-Project: Spell Checking and Dictionaries</a>.

What is your target language, Java (ispell and MySpell are written in C)?



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> Hi
> I am an MSc student at Imperial College and for my thesis I am writing a
> language translator for a mobile phone (english-french). The idea is to
> have the dictionary stored on the phone but as the memory available is
> quite small, I will need to compress the words.
> For the first stage of compression, I am intending to stem the words as
> this seems very suitable but this means that I will need to restore the
> words to their unstemmed form in order to display the result to the user.
> I haven't seen any mention of ways to restore a stemmed word and I was
> wondering if there are similar rules for doing so, and/or can one
> reverse the algorithm to restore a word back to its full form?
> Any advice or pointers to reading material on this would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Regards
> Alexandra Duncan
> Imperial College, London
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