Re: [Snowball-discuss] Snowball and Perl

From: Juan Francisco Fernandez Carrasco (
Date: Wed Oct 01 2003 - 14:33:01 BST

Olly Betts wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 12:19:40PM +0200, Juan Francisco Fernandez Carrasco wrote:
> > I am trying to add snowball stemmers for Spanish, Italian and English
> > (Catalan and Basque
> > would be welcome but I see they are not available) to a Perl
> > application.
> If you'd like to help out with Catalan and Basque stemmers, see:

I would like to, but I lack of the linguistic knowledge to do so.
I could try it for Catalan if I would know which are the important
points of a stemmer but I have no idea about it. And about Basque,
well, it lies out of my skills.

> > Is there any way to compile Snowball code to Perl instead of C?
> I have a partially written Snowball backend which would generate Perl
> code instead of C, but I've not had enough time to work on it much.
> It's probably not too far from working though if someone wants to
> try and get it working.
> > Could you give me any advice or workaround to achieve that aim?
> The other approaches are to use XS (or similar) wrappers to call the C
> version from Perl, or to use a separate Perl implementation. Oleg
> provided a link to Perl wrappers (and a couple of reasons for preferring
> them).

Thanks all for your help. I've found the wrappers and I am trying to put them up and


  Juan Fra

> Cheers,
> Olly
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