[Snowball-discuss] Re: Snowball question

From: Richard Boulton (richard@tartarus.org)
Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 11:08:00 BST

On Mon, 2005-05-23 at 21:53 -0400, Lucas Champollion wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm a linguistics student at the University of Pennsylvania. I'd like
> to write my own morphological analyzer for Middle French in Snowball.
> I can't seem to install the program though. The instructions on
> http://snowball.tartarus.org/runtime/use.html seem outdated: for
> example, the Quick Start makes reference to a directory "q" that
> doesn't exist. Also, I'm not sure which file I should download to
> start with, before the Quick Start instructions?

(I've copied this reply to the snowball mailing list - others may be

You're right - the instructions on the website are currently out of
date. Martin and I are working on updating them, but in the meantime:

You probably want to download the
tarball: this contains the snowball compiler and all the algorithms, but
no generated files or a copy of the documentation on the website.

The directory referred to as "q" on the website has now been renamed to
"runtime". use.html also refers to the file "driver-porter.c" which is
no longer included in the source tarball, but is available at

However, if your system has GNU make installed, your best bet is to use
the supplied GNUmakefile, which contains rules for compiling all the
stemmers and the example program "stemwords" - simply run "make" in the
same directory as the file GNUmakefile to build everything. To develop
your own stemmer, either just modify one of the existing stemmers, or
add a new entry "test" to the definition of "algorithms" at line 9,
create your stemmer definition in "algorithms/test/stem.sbl", and run
make each time you want to recompile.

Richard Boulton <richard@tartarus.org>

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