Re: [Snowball-discuss] java source codes

From: Richard Boulton (
Date: Wed Apr 02 2003 - 00:11:02 BST

On Tue, 2003-04-01 at 23:49, Yulia Kuksin wrote:
> dear Martin,
> I am a linguist and working on cross-language information retrieval.
> Thank you very much for your site (and your work). I was lucky to find all
> stemmers and stopword lists I need. I downloaded the tarball for java
> and compiled the source files from /snowball subdirectory. But when I try
> to compile the stemmers from /snowball/ext I get prompt, as if all
> compilation
> was successful, but no .class files. I tried at the Linux at my department
> and at home (Windows) and equallly failed. I am a poor programmer, but
> a good linguist and shall be thankful for help and glad if I can be in any
> way
> helpful.
> yours,
> Yulia Kuksin

I shall answer this, since I wrote the Java stuff.

I'm not sure why you're having problems, so I'll just describe how I
would compile (on linux). If you try the same commands and it doesn't
work, it would be useful to know a bit about your environment: in
particular, what version of Java, and what java compiler you are using.

Having downloaded the tarball "snowball_java.tgz":

$ tar zxf snowball_java.tgz
$ javac net/sf/snowball/
$ javac net/sf/snowball/
$ javac net/sf/snowball/
$ javac net/sf/snowball/ext/*.java

After these commands, I have class files for all the .java files, and
can run the test app with, for example:

$ java net/sf/snowball/TestApp english foo -o foo2

(which stems the contents of file "foo" and puts the output into file

If these instructions help, do let me know what you were doing wrong so
we can document it for others. If they don't help, try and give me as
much detail about your operating environment as possible.


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