Re: [Snowball-discuss] or org.tartarus.snowball for Java package ?

From: Olivier Bornet (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 12:47:05 GMT


> It took a little longer than I hoped to find time to do this, but I've
> now applied your patches to our CVS repository. Thanks for the
> assistance.

You're welcome. Thanks for having applyed them.

As I have mentionned in one of my previous messages, I have also an
updated version of PyStemmer from if you are interested. This
'new' version of PyStemmer is supporting both Python and Jython

Let me know if you are interested. If yes, I will look how to integrate
both interfaces (Python and Jython) in the current snowball CVS tree, as
I think this will be great to have all the stuff in the same repository.
Of course, I will do propositions on the mailing list before making the
integration. I will also contact PyStemmer author to see what he think
about this.

If you are interested, and when all is ready, I will be happy to either
send a patch against current CVS, or commit the changes in the CVS
myself if I have an access.

Good day.


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