[Snowball-discuss] Stopword licenses

From: Neal Richter (nealr@rightnow.com)
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 22:27:21 BST

Hi all,

   We're big fans of your software.. thanks for all of your hard work.
We've used them in our own software as well as added it to HtDig (open
source search engine).


   What license applies to the stopword lists? We can't use them in the
form you provide them, so we exact just the words (no comments), remove
some, add others, transform to another character-set etc.

   We'd like to give credit where credit is due.. but these are stored in a
pseudo DB that doesn't have an great mechanism to make the full BSD
license visible when the user is editing the list.

   What would you recommend? Can we put a note in our documentation? Or a
simple one-line statement at the top of the editing list?

   We do put notice of our use of the snowball software here:


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