Re: [Snowball-discuss] Snowball->C# compiler

From: Richard Boulton (
Date: Thu Apr 26 2007 - 20:10:26 BST

Bradley Grainger wrote:
> Hi Martin, Richard, et al,
> Having used the Snowball stemmers in a C++ project for some time now, I
> wanted to continue using them in a .NET application I was writing. A
> quick Google search turned up no efforts along those lines (and I didn't
> want to use C++/CLI), so I decided to write a Snowball->C# compiler
> (based on the Snowball->Java compiler in the distribution). The C#
> compiler is very similar to the Java one; I'm indebted to Richard for
> his earlier work.

Thank you. ;-)

> My efforts (as a zipped unified diff) are attached to this message. The
> new and modified files are organised as follows:
> * snowball/build -- Visual C++ 2005 project to build the compiler.
> * snowball/compiler -- Added generator_csharp.c (based on
 > generator_java.c); modified headers as necessary.
> * snowball/csharp/Snowball -- Implementation of SnowballProgram.cs and
> Among.cs, which are support classes for the generated C# stemmers.
> * snowball/csharp/SnowballTests -- A test suite that runs each stemmer
> with its sample vocabulary; also includes precompiled versions of each
> stemmer in the Snowball distribution.
> If you like the new code, I'd be happy for it to become part of Snowball
> (under the same license terms). If you do include it, please feel free
> to change the directory layout or omit/rename files as you see fit.

Thank you very much for your contribution: I'd very much like to have
generators for more languages added to the distribution, so I'll take a
look at your submission as soon as possible (probably within a few days).

I'm not a Windows user, so I'm not sure how best to use the Visual C++
project; I have mono installed on my system, so I'll see if I can get
your addition working with that.

Best wishes,


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